Walk with flow of waves

Today I want to pen down About the tornado running inside me… hopefully I can..:)

It happened earlier and it is going to happen again, my life changed after marriage and I came here though I never wanted to, reason being I never want to leave my country and family and plus I always afraid about living in strange country, where you get people of your own kind but most of them forget about their own roots and are running in the race of to be like others they are living with, I mean like English. I know it will not be easy and I know I have to struggle with all unexpected, expected circumstances and including myself.. It happened and I can say that the time I have spent in UK was the bad time of my life, ya it could have worst but my husband did not let it be.. I am sorry hubby but you know it was not easy for me to staying away from family and even my friends went away from me giving excuse that I am not there for them, staying alone and with some worst people.

After spending lot of time here, A feeling that always insist me to go back to India is going away. Now I want to achieve the things I have not achieve yet, I want to believe in the dream of my husband, I want to do something for him, I want to stay beside him, I want to accept the challenge and I want to motivate myself.

Now I realised I have given the chance to people to laugh at me, to criticise me,to say whatever they want, to take me as granted. Who are they, Have they come and give me food and shelter, have they know me, what I am and What I was. Hell with them. I want to achieve dreams of my hubby so that my own dreams. No, I do not want to proof myself to anyone, I do not need and I do not care.

Now I just want to gain my confidence that I have lost some where, I want to be Neetu Singh I used to be, Who was strong enough to fight with anything, who never care about people and about what they think and they say about her. She used to live in her own world.

I accepted my fate that whatever I will do for anyone, that will not be get appriceated.

I am not sure about my next step but from today I will work on our dreams, me and my husband and give my hundred percent to achieve them, even if I fall somewhere I know my husband is there to hold me and take me with him.

It hurt lot when every one left me alone here, my beloved one, when I needed them most, they were not there, they set excuse for me that I left them, I went away, But for them all, Is that going away means you should leave me alone, I never thought that any distance can make me away from my friend’s heart, they will give-up so easily and they will not support me.. I was broken half when I came away from my family and when my friends too went away I was broken fully and Now.. I want to forget everything and start a fresh, I want to stay happy and be the one I used to be.. No more sad things.. Good bye forever to Emotional and fool Neetu Singh..

I love my friends and family, It will feel lovely if they support me and if they do not want even then I am fine and happy.. 🙂

Isha my darling sister thnx for being there for me when ever I need you, I am thankful to God that he sent you in my life… You love have given me strength to stand again and walk on my own feet.. Love you lot.. hugs tightly..



About sweetpunjaban

Right now I am a student of post-graduation, studying Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership, A kind of half part of MBA from London. :) About my nature my friends say, I am soft hearted, kind, very emotional and caring person. But as per me I am complicated, confused, restless, rude and short temper but surely having a loving heart..;) I Love to hang around with friends and family, I enjoys going out for eating, listening music, watching animated movies, doing different things at a times like designing pictures, writing, facebooking, phone calls, thinking, dreaming and reading books. :D Something I want to say about me:- सबको प्यार देने की आदत है हमें, अपनी अलग पहचान बनाने की आदत है हमे, कितना भी गहरा जख्म दे कोई, उतना ही ज्यादा मुस्कराने की आदत है हमें… इस अजनबी दुनिया में अकेला ख्वाब हूँ मैं, सवालो से खफा छोटा सा जवाब हूँ मैं, जो समझ न सके मुझे, उनके लिए “कौन” जो समझ गए उनके लिए खुली किताब हूँ मैं.

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  1. Dee i am glad you have finally taken a decision… I would have loved if it was other way for that would have brought you more near to me but still i am happy that you end up choosing the path that leads towards the happiness of your life partner.
    There is saying that in your life you will meet many people, many may come many may go but the one who remains with you always is none other than your life partner. And when you have got such a lovely one you should stand up for his dreams, for both of you.
    I agree distance matters a lot in any relation. Yet it can only apart us by kms but not completely by feelings.
    Do not thanks me for no relation is one sided. If i have kept in touch so i have equally been valued by you. I appreciate you for that. No doubt we are not so much close like we used to be before… when i used to tell you about each and every minute of my life. But sharing is not always important. I know whenever i need someone you would be there to care for me, to help me, to pamper me, to guide me. If not physically but surely by your so sweet words.

    I am proud that in spite of so many circumstances still you had always managed to maintain the good spirit within you. Stay like you love to be forever for you rock candy.

    Love you loads!

    • I already know that you will understand me and be with me… yes you right.. because I love my friends and family I always fight and try not to hurt them and be with them when ever they need but while doing so, I found I am lost some where and I lost my mind, and peace of mind coz what they want was different what my fate is now.. And In life sometime you have to take hard decision and when I already took one step then I thought I should not go back but take further step and I know one day they all will understand me and I know their love for me will never go away..

      And about you, I know you do not sure things as do earlier and some of my friends doing the same.. but it does not matter to me, I always believe what ever they like and when they feel comfortable, they should share otherwise it is better not. But I always share everything with you coz I have not found any one else, who can understand me better then you. And I feel you come more close to me then earlier.. Your dee will always do what will be right at that moment and I trust myself that I will not go wrong..

      Love you lot

      • I am always with you and will remain forever for my life is incomplete without you. I can’t afford to loose such a wonderful friend cum sister. Anyone support you or not, be carefree from my side… as your lil sister will do. And yes, I am glad you do share with me. Never stop it for I love it when you do. It gives me a inspiration to be there for you and be a reason to your smile sweets. Do not think you will go wrong ever, if you do remember your little sister will surely scold you 😛

        Take care and stay happy coz you look cute when you smile 😀

      • That I know.. And I will not going to leave for any reason, As a lil sister you have brighten my life with your naughtiness and understanding nature, I am happy and will be.. Smile does not cost me anything so I can do that.. 😛

  2. tHaTs mY BiWi…DnT ThInK AbT OtHeRs…m aLwAyS WiTh U sWeEtY….

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