”It’s only YOU”

Here I am presenting three Angels of your life on a very special occasion of your Birthday.. My dear Friend Ankur Aggarwal 🙂

Here’s she come 

I am really very sorry as I forgot 1 thing i.e. the day we met. It

was on april 19,2010.

Our relation is now 1 year 93 days 5 hours n 14 min old…. Lol

Sister you made my life worth living. Thankyou

Received by me on 17 april 2011, 12:35:51am from a very special person, holding a very special place in my heart..He’s the one who loves me, cares for me, showers his blessings and does every bit that makes me smile, that makes me happy….The very person who calls me with ‘n ’ number of names, whatever he feels like… whatever it makes him happy and moreover which makes me happy… Yes, he’s the person who is always by my side, always there whenever I needed, always there whenever I looked for him… Though I never met him in person, but I am damn sure, he will be the same as I have him on phone calls, as I have him on net, as I have him in my life…He’s the person with a true heart and true soul…

Hey bhaiya, A very Happy Birthday to you! May God give you all hat you admire with all the happiness and vanishing away all the sorrows, tears and sadness from your life… May He give you a blessful and ever cheerful life…! Have a blast today, cause it’s your day, your b’day….









I know you must be angry with me for the reasons you know, and I am really sorry for that but believe me being a child, I forgot that ‘bhai-behen mein toh ladai hoti rehti hai.. and the more you fight , more stronger bond develops between the two..’ and I expect that my elder bro is going to forgive me for my childish behaviour…

And I plead you to forgive me and start all over again…

I wish I could be there with you, so that I could celebrate your day, as the bestest day ever… by being with you throu’out the day, by following your footprints, roaming behind with all the way you go… Though I don’t say much, it doesn’t mean my love for you is less….

“ Kahin toh, Kahin toh, hogi voh…

Duniya jahaan tu mere saath hai…

Jahaan main, jahaan tu..

Aur jahaan bas tere-mere jazbaat hain…”

I am always there with you, ALWAYS..I always mean what I say, but I am not at all good at explaining things… But trust It’s not that I don’t try, I try, but It never goes upto mark… It’s a drawback, but I promise to remove it with time and I’ll surely do…

Here, I have a song for you which is flodding in my heart each moment, each hour, each min from last 2 days…

“ Smile, an everlasting smile,

A smile can bring you near to me……

Don’t evah let me find you’re gone,

Cause that would bring a tear to me…..

This world has lost it’s glory,

Let’s start a brand new story,

Now, My love….

YOU think that I don’t even mean a single word I sayyyyyyy…….


YOUR HEART AWAY….!!!!!! (Love you loads)

Talk in everlasting words,

And dedicate them all, to me….

And I will give you all my life

I’m here if you should call to me……

YOU think that I don’t even mean a single word I sayyyyyyy…….



Love you always and missing you like hell! :hugs:

Here’s Another one.. 🙂

A very happy bday to my bholu friend ankur!

A friend with whom i might hve not spent much time as usually one of us busy but yet the moments that we had shared together had surely been a memorable part of my life. I had alwaz cheerished those sweet lil fights between us and those nonsense funny talks on wich we laughed widout any reason. At times you had to bear my big crazy lectures but yet i am glad you had alwaz accepted them by ending on a sweet note widout complaining about anything.

Today on dis special occassion of ur bday and completion of 2 years to our friendship i juz wish dat our loving bond nvr ends and we keep teasing each odr lyk we had been doing alwaz. I myt have never told you bt i love when u call me by the name motu (even on those cute cards u had sent) and i never mind ur any silly words for i know you consider me your one of d mst special and wondrful frnd. Its my pleasure to be valued by a sweet friend like you. Unfortunately i culdnt give u a present but i promise to be a friend wich will love to chit chat wid u thru late nyt sms even wen we grow old so dat we share laugh forever.

Here’s Come I..

Hi I am Roop and He is my best buddy in the world.  🙂 He is honest, true, lovely, soft heart, sweet heart, caring, daring, helpful, adorable and very emotional person, he is bit stubborn. I know so many boys but he is totally different and a unique kind. For him friendship is everything, he gives respect to women, He believes in true relationship and expect least from others. He Loves his friends. 


I remember the day when we met online first time.. We had casual talk and I found you superb as a human being, Even though we were not close friends then but you cared a lot for me and showed how a boy can be best friend to a girl.. 🙂  we enjoyed chatting in Punjabi and I do not know when we became close friends.. 😀 That was best part of my life.. We had a wonderful time being friends and after many years of our friendship I can say that you are the best person and my world’s best friend and I am happy that God sent you in my life.

In our journey of friendship we had faced different times, We shared our problems, discussed solutions, laughed and cry together, misunderstood, did fight and care a lot for each other. Nothing is precious then a friend in this world and I have you.. Thanks for bearing my angriness and always standing by my side. Nothing can break the bond of friendship between us.. Keep smiling and enjoying.

You are a friend who is always there whenever a friend need.

You help, you guide, you care, you share and you dare to fight 🙂

You sing, you ring, you dance, you smile and makes other shine.. 🙂                             

A lovely,  adorable, treasurable friend, You are best of a friend..

A Very happy Birthday Dost..

I wish you get whatever you dream for..

Enjoy and have phun… and do cry little baby..  😛   


About sweetpunjaban

Right now I am a student of post-graduation, studying Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership, A kind of half part of MBA from London. :) About my nature my friends say, I am soft hearted, kind, very emotional and caring person. But as per me I am complicated, confused, restless, rude and short temper but surely having a loving heart..;) I Love to hang around with friends and family, I enjoys going out for eating, listening music, watching animated movies, doing different things at a times like designing pictures, writing, facebooking, phone calls, thinking, dreaming and reading books. :D Something I want to say about me:- सबको प्यार देने की आदत है हमें, अपनी अलग पहचान बनाने की आदत है हमे, कितना भी गहरा जख्म दे कोई, उतना ही ज्यादा मुस्कराने की आदत है हमें… इस अजनबी दुनिया में अकेला ख्वाब हूँ मैं, सवालो से खफा छोटा सा जवाब हूँ मैं, जो समझ न सके मुझे, उनके लिए “कौन” जो समझ गए उनके लिए खुली किताब हूँ मैं.

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  1. aww! words are less here … Again would say awesomely written by three of you… Btw itna bhi me deserving nahi hun in sab ke liye *bit emotional*

    Thank you Isha, Neetu Nits S & Angel for this beautifull and a memorable gift.

    Keep smiling and take care!

    • Lol arey emotional mat ho.. yeh toh humne aise hi leekh diya tumhare birthday par tumhae khush karne ke liye.. do not take it seriously.. 😛

      Thnx to you for being such a beautiful and memorable part of our lives..

      Hope you had a wonderful day and Our Party?

  2. Hey no thanx in frndship and btw dat was really sweet of u n-di to call me juz for makng me a part of dis wondrful idea of yours. Im glad we could togethr bring a smile on his face. Hi5!

    • Ishu you are giving credit to wrong person.. It was our lil princess who asked me to do something on his birthday.. Ya Idea was mine.. but I am happy that you both supported me and We did it.. cheers.. 🙂

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