My Journey from India to The UK

Hi friends, It is my first post and I like to tell you all that my hold on English language is ok type, so please bear my English and Hope I can convey what I want to 😀

Today I am going to describe my journey from India to the UK. Let’s start 😀

I got married in February ’2010 in hurry so that we could applied for UK visa on time :), because UKBA ( UK border agency) change visa rules very frequently. It was my husband dream to be here in UK and it took almost a year to got visa . I have applied for student visa and my husband applied for dependent visa. Here I would like to tell you that I was very negative about my visa to be granted, there were two reason, one I was not prepared to left India, secondly many people got refused visa at that very moment. Well so we granted visa and I got very less time to stay with my family and to be with my friends. In a serious note I was not feeling good because the feeling of leaving India, my family and friends was killing me, but sometime in your life you have to take hard decision, I was happy that most of my loved one were happy and supported me, it was the time when I needed them the most :). Further, It was hectic as me and my husband was working, I left my job 10 days before my flight to the UK and my husband only before 2 days. Just imagine how it was to do shopping , to book flight tickets and arranging currency and the most important to be with family.

Our ticket was booked from Amritsar to Delhi and Delhi to the UK. The day when we were leaving for Amritsar, a cake ceremony was organised by our family to wish us best of luck, It was nice actually to have something like cake in your hectic schedule :D. With heavy heart I left Chandigarh and reached Amritsar at 9pm I guess and went to Golden temple at 10:30pm guess again, Golden temple is best to be visited at night-time, I felt like I was in heaven, I was amazed with its beauty. It was the best part of my journey :D. In between same time I was getting calls from my friends, they were wishing me for my good luck and good journey.

Hmm so next day in morning at 6 am we left for Airport to take our flight which was scheduled at 9 am, that day I have seen tears in my father eyes in first time in my life :(, he was upset and crying and somehow my brother-in-law managed the situation and made us all smile :). We reached at Delhi airport at 11 am I guess, O wOw Delhi Airport have changed a lot, Arey It’s new Delhi Airport.. Superb. Felt great to see it 😀 We had pizza there 🙂 and left for our flight at 1:30pm. Kingfisher airlines people asked us few question at the time of boarding and I got nervous and confused told them my marriage year wrong as Year 2009 instead of 2010:D silly me J, nothing happened bad they let us moved in. Our journey is around 10 hours from Delhi and I was crying :’) 7 hours in total I guess L, It was getting tough more and more, feeling of going away from my family and friends was killing me.. I have not eaten anything in whole journey and was feeling sick 😦

Reached UK at 5:45pm as per UK timing( India time 11:15 pm) I think so. OMG I can see people from all over the world, Airport was flooded with people, huge crowd, Airport is nice and huge, felt great.


It was the time of interrogation, and I was very much nervous hmm, long queues were making me more tensed but nothing happened bad again, they asked me some question about my studies and I replied and then they sent us in medical check-up room, there we waited around one hour just to answered concerned person that we have not done any medical check-up lol, she shouted at us and then let us go after taking our permanent address, It was my uncle’s address :D.

Yeah I was relaxed, so it was the time to see my mama ji, he was waiting for us from last two hours as we got free at 8pm . I met him once in India at my place, ya we met many times but I was kid then so I have remembered only one time with accuracy, Nice that I have recognised him :D. We sat in Car and on the way to his home I have given my first look to UK, I was excited and curious, I was nervous to think about new country, new people. A dream in my eyes and I was afraid too, I was unsure about my likeness to new life. It was night so new place was seemed ok and we reached home at 9:30 pm. After completing my journey from India to UK a new journey is On in UK. Will soon let you know about my experience here and Life in UK. Till than take care and have phun.. Love you all  😀


About sweetpunjaban

Right now I am a student of post-graduation, studying Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership, A kind of half part of MBA from London. :) About my nature my friends say, I am soft hearted, kind, very emotional and caring person. But as per me I am complicated, confused, restless, rude and short temper but surely having a loving heart..;) I Love to hang around with friends and family, I enjoys going out for eating, listening music, watching animated movies, doing different things at a times like designing pictures, writing, facebooking, phone calls, thinking, dreaming and reading books. :D Something I want to say about me:- सबको प्यार देने की आदत है हमें, अपनी अलग पहचान बनाने की आदत है हमे, कितना भी गहरा जख्म दे कोई, उतना ही ज्यादा मुस्कराने की आदत है हमें… इस अजनबी दुनिया में अकेला ख्वाब हूँ मैं, सवालो से खफा छोटा सा जवाब हूँ मैं, जो समझ न सके मुझे, उनके लिए “कौन” जो समझ गए उनके लिए खुली किताब हूँ मैं.

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  1. Dat was a nyc attempt candy.. and you weren’t bad at it for u made me feel wat all you had gone throu.. And wat all you wished to express. Well, it was vry obvious for any1 to be nervous specially wen u r attached wid ur country n dan entering into a new country dat too alone, widout ur family is horrible. Im glad u managed it & Yes, i am lookng frwd to knw abt ur lyf there in Uk.
    keep writing n rocking! 😀

  2. Well I am glad you like it and appreciate, Yes it is.
    Hmm hopefully will do it soon, btw before dat I have planed for another entry..:P

    Keep waiting..:P

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