Walk with flow of waves

Today I want to pen down About the tornado running inside me… hopefully I can..:)

It happened earlier and it is going to happen again, my life changed after marriage and I came here though I never wanted to, reason being I never want to leave my country and family and plus I always afraid about living in strange country, where you get people of your own kind but most of them forget about their own roots and are running in the race of to be like others they are living with, I mean like English. I know it will not be easy and I know I have to struggle with all unexpected, expected circumstances and including myself.. It happened and I can say that the time I have spent in UK was the bad time of my life, ya it could have worst but my husband did not let it be.. I am sorry hubby but you know it was not easy for me to staying away from family and even my friends went away from me giving excuse that I am not there for them, staying alone and with some worst people.

After spending lot of time here, A feeling that always insist me to go back to India is going away. Now I want to achieve the things I have not achieve yet, I want to believe in the dream of my husband, I want to do something for him, I want to stay beside him, I want to accept the challenge and I want to motivate myself.

Now I realised I have given the chance to people to laugh at me, to criticise me,to say whatever they want, to take me as granted. Who are they, Have they come and give me food and shelter, have they know me, what I am and What I was. Hell with them. I want to achieve dreams of my hubby so that my own dreams. No, I do not want to proof myself to anyone, I do not need and I do not care.

Now I just want to gain my confidence that I have lost some where, I want to be Neetu Singh I used to be, Who was strong enough to fight with anything, who never care about people and about what they think and they say about her. She used to live in her own world.

I accepted my fate that whatever I will do for anyone, that will not be get appriceated.

I am not sure about my next step but from today I will work on our dreams, me and my husband and give my hundred percent to achieve them, even if I fall somewhere I know my husband is there to hold me and take me with him.

It hurt lot when every one left me alone here, my beloved one, when I needed them most, they were not there, they set excuse for me that I left them, I went away, But for them all, Is that going away means you should leave me alone, I never thought that any distance can make me away from my friend’s heart, they will give-up so easily and they will not support me.. I was broken half when I came away from my family and when my friends too went away I was broken fully and Now.. I want to forget everything and start a fresh, I want to stay happy and be the one I used to be.. No more sad things.. Good bye forever to Emotional and fool Neetu Singh..

I love my friends and family, It will feel lovely if they support me and if they do not want even then I am fine and happy.. 🙂

Isha my darling sister thnx for being there for me when ever I need you, I am thankful to God that he sent you in my life… You love have given me strength to stand again and walk on my own feet.. Love you lot.. hugs tightly..


Take a right step..

Hi there.. Today I am going to discuss very serious topic of today’s world. Before going further, few questions are arising from my heart.. One Who are the most important part of our life? second What we have done for them? third, What is the meaning of living true life? And Last What you prefer Money or Family? Lets see.. 🙂

Most important part of my life is my family and friends!!!

When I talk about the family, I mean parents, brother-sister and other relatives. Here’s come the main point of topic.. Our Parents

I Love my parents and most of us do, they are the reason of our existence, the first word an infant learn is Maa, This word need no explanation, Mother who takes pain ( Labour pain) to give a birth.. Which is also called new birth of a mother, because this pain is so powerful that a lady can die, But she takes it with smile on her face because she do Love her baby, which is her own part. After a birth she takes many more pain for up-bringing of her baby, leaving her comforts and stay restless all the time with baby.

 Another side Father a second word an infant say, give his 100% to help his lady and protect his child, he teach him how to walk and many more things to cope with world. Our parents support us physically, emotionally, mentally and economically at every point we need them BUT We…

What we have given to them.. Here I would like to tell you about an incident happened with us while we Four Me, my husband, My friends and her husband were coming back after celebrating my husband’s birthday. We have reached Southall from Ealling at 12.00 am when we saw a very aged person standing in a horrible cold weather. We all started wondering, Why this aged uncle was standing there, he was not in good condition, and we heard a sound, that aged uncle called us and said I wanted to go Northhalt and somebody told me that I would get a bus from here, Could you help me in getting the bus. We wondered that place, We were not sure about that location and asked him bus number, he said 120 number, (Btw that aged person was a punjabi Indian) We said yes We knew from where you could get that bus and asked him to walk with us till bus stop, but he was not in condition to walk even, he told us that he just got discharged by hospital people and they even did not arrange any taxi for him. We were shocked to know that. We asked him about his family then he said I stay alone, my wife left me and my children are living here but separately and they do not care about him. (hate people, who do not care for their parents and leave them to die alone), Now situation was different and we decided to drop that aged person at his home, we did not want to take risk of his life, Because we do Love our parents and he was like our father. later on, we realised, that person forgot about his home address and bus stop close to his home. At last we called police to accommodate in dropping that aged uncle at his home. At last he reached. And I wish him peace and Love.. God stay with him 🙂

I felt bad and my heart was crying for him and then I give a thought about many aged people who are living without their children in bad condition, in old age homes. Is that what we are giving our parents back for their love and hardship. We should never forget that One day we will be one their place and how we will feel when our own child will behave bad and leave us alone. Consider it.

True meaning of living a life means live your life for your parents, give them love and affection, they just want this from us. Love your parents from heart, not take them as a burden, they should be given the right place in family with respect. You are everything to them.. 🙂

Mind it, family is more important than money, You can never get love and happiness with money but you can get money while loving your family.

This post is dedicated to my parents and parents-in-Law.. I Love you Mom and Dad.. You are in my heart and I miss you lot..

”It’s only YOU”

Here I am presenting three Angels of your life on a very special occasion of your Birthday.. My dear Friend Ankur Aggarwal 🙂

Here’s she come 

I am really very sorry as I forgot 1 thing i.e. the day we met. It

was on april 19,2010.

Our relation is now 1 year 93 days 5 hours n 14 min old…. Lol

Sister you made my life worth living. Thankyou

Received by me on 17 april 2011, 12:35:51am from a very special person, holding a very special place in my heart..He’s the one who loves me, cares for me, showers his blessings and does every bit that makes me smile, that makes me happy….The very person who calls me with ‘n ’ number of names, whatever he feels like… whatever it makes him happy and moreover which makes me happy… Yes, he’s the person who is always by my side, always there whenever I needed, always there whenever I looked for him… Though I never met him in person, but I am damn sure, he will be the same as I have him on phone calls, as I have him on net, as I have him in my life…He’s the person with a true heart and true soul…

Hey bhaiya, A very Happy Birthday to you! May God give you all hat you admire with all the happiness and vanishing away all the sorrows, tears and sadness from your life… May He give you a blessful and ever cheerful life…! Have a blast today, cause it’s your day, your b’day….









I know you must be angry with me for the reasons you know, and I am really sorry for that but believe me being a child, I forgot that ‘bhai-behen mein toh ladai hoti rehti hai.. and the more you fight , more stronger bond develops between the two..’ and I expect that my elder bro is going to forgive me for my childish behaviour…

And I plead you to forgive me and start all over again…

I wish I could be there with you, so that I could celebrate your day, as the bestest day ever… by being with you throu’out the day, by following your footprints, roaming behind with all the way you go… Though I don’t say much, it doesn’t mean my love for you is less….

“ Kahin toh, Kahin toh, hogi voh…

Duniya jahaan tu mere saath hai…

Jahaan main, jahaan tu..

Aur jahaan bas tere-mere jazbaat hain…”

I am always there with you, ALWAYS..I always mean what I say, but I am not at all good at explaining things… But trust It’s not that I don’t try, I try, but It never goes upto mark… It’s a drawback, but I promise to remove it with time and I’ll surely do…

Here, I have a song for you which is flodding in my heart each moment, each hour, each min from last 2 days…

“ Smile, an everlasting smile,

A smile can bring you near to me……

Don’t evah let me find you’re gone,

Cause that would bring a tear to me…..

This world has lost it’s glory,

Let’s start a brand new story,

Now, My love….

YOU think that I don’t even mean a single word I sayyyyyyy…….


YOUR HEART AWAY….!!!!!! (Love you loads)

Talk in everlasting words,

And dedicate them all, to me….

And I will give you all my life

I’m here if you should call to me……

YOU think that I don’t even mean a single word I sayyyyyyy…….



Love you always and missing you like hell! :hugs:

Here’s Another one.. 🙂

A very happy bday to my bholu friend ankur!

A friend with whom i might hve not spent much time as usually one of us busy but yet the moments that we had shared together had surely been a memorable part of my life. I had alwaz cheerished those sweet lil fights between us and those nonsense funny talks on wich we laughed widout any reason. At times you had to bear my big crazy lectures but yet i am glad you had alwaz accepted them by ending on a sweet note widout complaining about anything.

Today on dis special occassion of ur bday and completion of 2 years to our friendship i juz wish dat our loving bond nvr ends and we keep teasing each odr lyk we had been doing alwaz. I myt have never told you bt i love when u call me by the name motu (even on those cute cards u had sent) and i never mind ur any silly words for i know you consider me your one of d mst special and wondrful frnd. Its my pleasure to be valued by a sweet friend like you. Unfortunately i culdnt give u a present but i promise to be a friend wich will love to chit chat wid u thru late nyt sms even wen we grow old so dat we share laugh forever.

Here’s Come I..

Hi I am Roop and He is my best buddy in the world.  🙂 He is honest, true, lovely, soft heart, sweet heart, caring, daring, helpful, adorable and very emotional person, he is bit stubborn. I know so many boys but he is totally different and a unique kind. For him friendship is everything, he gives respect to women, He believes in true relationship and expect least from others. He Loves his friends. 


I remember the day when we met online first time.. We had casual talk and I found you superb as a human being, Even though we were not close friends then but you cared a lot for me and showed how a boy can be best friend to a girl.. 🙂  we enjoyed chatting in Punjabi and I do not know when we became close friends.. 😀 That was best part of my life.. We had a wonderful time being friends and after many years of our friendship I can say that you are the best person and my world’s best friend and I am happy that God sent you in my life.

In our journey of friendship we had faced different times, We shared our problems, discussed solutions, laughed and cry together, misunderstood, did fight and care a lot for each other. Nothing is precious then a friend in this world and I have you.. Thanks for bearing my angriness and always standing by my side. Nothing can break the bond of friendship between us.. Keep smiling and enjoying.

You are a friend who is always there whenever a friend need.

You help, you guide, you care, you share and you dare to fight 🙂

You sing, you ring, you dance, you smile and makes other shine.. 🙂                             

A lovely,  adorable, treasurable friend, You are best of a friend..

A Very happy Birthday Dost..

I wish you get whatever you dream for..

Enjoy and have phun… and do cry little baby..  😛   

fOr mE mEaNinG oF lOvE iS YOU

How to start is a big question, so I am starting with it.. 😛

Every girl in this world have a dream about her Prince. 

I love.. stories of Love, It may be real or fantasy and they are my all-time favourite. I too wanted a Love story of mine like in a movie or in a story. Btw I am not going to talk about the Love story of my life but yes, I am going to talk about the main character of Love stories that is Prince Charming.. 🙂

The story that left most impact one me is of story of Cinderella, I do not know why? but I relate myself with her.. And Like her I have An Angel in my life, who is my God. I do talk to him each and everything. I never feel to hide anything from him. In my teenage I asked him to send A prince in my life And He Did. 😀

I was a cheerful school going girl, And my friends used to talk about boys and I gave 0% interest, they found it amazing if they got to see any boy in our Girls School, they reacted like mad actually but for me It was not a matter. I had interest in singing, dancing, roaming with friends, playing out. But In my heart, I had a believe that one day my Prince charming would come and would take me in his dream world. A Prince with lovely heart, who could care about me and most importantly pour lots of love on me.. 😛

When I met my prince charming first time I felt a different feeling that I never had for anybody else but I was not sure that he is the one.. 😉 but with the passing of time I got to know that he is the one..  He is everywhere in my dream, thoughts.. And then I decided not to let him go.. God blessed me with him and today is the Birthday of my Prince Charming.

My Prince charming, you are the one for whom I take breathe

You are the reason of my existence

You are my dream and reality of life

You are the one who runs in my vein

You are the one, I relate with

You are my World and Everything





I wish you get all the happiness and Love in your life.

You have given me a life that I had dreamt for and you have changed it in reality, your love empower me. I feel save in your hands. When you hold me, It feel like we are in another world, there we both are living together in our fantasy world, You and Me and all the lovely things we dream of. I will not be the one, who is today without your love, care and support, You are my strength and weakness. You always stand by my side and make me feel that I am not alone. You are always with ME ❤

We have gone through many ups and downs but with you I feel alright. There is no need to say but still I want to say that I love you that much that I myself do not know.. 🙂


Remembering 2011 and welcoming 2012

Hey there,  A very Happy New Year 2012

New Year is here and when I went back into the 2011, I found it was the most crucial year of my life, there were drastic changes, some were positive and some were negative, some were expected and some were unexpected. Well here I am going to take you to some of non-forgettable moment of 2011.

2011 was a year when I came away from my family and friends, It was happened first time in my entire life, unexpected though, normally girls go away from their family when they get marry but it was not in my case, even after marriage I was not far away from my family and friends but on 2nd February I took a flight with my husband and came to England, not for less period but for 2 year. And with that my 2011 year started in London.

6th February’2011 I had completed first year of my marriage, we decided to celebrated it, we cut a cake and went to a restaurant for dinner with my uncle’s family. It was a mixed feeling of happiness and sadness, on the one side we were missing our families and on the other side we were happy that we have family here to be with them. WE WERE NOT ALONE the best part.. 😀

In 2011, I again started studying as an overseas student, It was not easy when you are going to study in a different country that have different system as compare to your own country, you wonder about level of study, language, teachers, college rules and regulations and behaviour of class mates. College that just keep planning for gaining their profit without giving a thought for student life is my college, my course started late and suddenly my 18 months course was turned into 6 months course, but there was no reduction in our tuition fee, It put over burden on my tiny head.. 😦 Positive part of studying here is that I got to know people from different countries and got some superb friends.  😀

Year without a job, less contact with my best buddies, who are staying in India and a feeling of loneliness were some reason of my bad health here in 2011. Best part of 2011 was that I and my husband come more close to each other, our love bond increase and we started valuing our relation, we have spent some of beautiful moments here as such my birthday, Diwali, Christmas etc 🙂

But I can’t forgot this year because I had come across biggest tragedy of my life which could have ruined my life but I have paused it, though I could not get out of it because it have left unrecoverable impact on my heart. Life must go on so I am moving forward.

With the ending of 2011, it left some of unanswered questions of my life and leaves me on a place where I am searching for myself and looking forward for some positive sights J

Hope for a great 2012

Love you all

Nanhi Pari

Hey mates, today is one of special day of my life, so I am here to share it with you, A little princess came down from the heaven to lighten-up our life with her sweet, lovely smile and presence. She is the youngest sister of mine and so having a very special place in my life.

I never met her in person but it does not matter to me because she is always stay close to my heart, I can feel her when I close my eyes and see her beautiful face with world’s best smile, her innocent eyes with many dreams in it and trying to say something, calling me dee with her heart soothing voice and hug me tight. This is what I always imagine to see when I will meet her.

We do interact very less but whenever we talk I feel great, she speak beautiful and take my heart away. For me she is an innocent kid, who has only love for everyone, she is bit moody too but a sweet heart.  She gives me respect as an elder sister, showers lots of love on me. I feel lucky and great to have her in my life.

This  is for you my darling lil Anjali

You are the one who always give me happiness whenever you are around me and a smile come on my face when I give a thought about you. You are beautiful part of my life. Today on a very special day of our life, I just want to say you that stay in my life forever and love me always as you do.

A very happy birthday sister, I hope your day will start with lots of surprises and end with a huge smile on your face.

You are a person with a very sweetheart

Karte hai tumhe wish on your birthday phaalakar apne dono haath

You are a Angel, who came down to bless other with her love

Rakhege hum tumhe hamesha apne dil ke paas.. 🙂

Lol@my first poem.. 😛

A superb celebration, a gathering of friends and family, here I am wishing you great happiness and a joy that never ends. Love you lot sister.. have phun and enjoy 😀

Jingle Bells-jingle bells-Jingle all the way

Merry Christmas and I am going to take you to my first Christmas celebrations here in England. 😀

I always celebrate Christmas with enthusiasm Because I love all the festival and For me God is one so I celebrate all the festival that are related to him.. 😀 And here I got one more reason that was a Russian girl with her Indian husband is staying with us. We decided to give her party on her very special day CHRISTMAS.

First step was of getting a Christmas tree and I want an original tree. On 20th we bought original Christmas tree after 2 hour search from centre London and decorated it on next day.. 🙂

That Russian girl Karina told us that they do not drink alcohol and eat non-vegetarian on 24th to show their respect towards God 😀 , so we have decided to party on 25th evening.

Amazing part of Christmas is to play secret Santa. Secret Santa is most popular game of Christmas, in which all of the players’ names are placed into a box and mixed up, then each person picks one name from the box, but doesn’t reveal the name of a person they picked up to anyone. On Christmas day everyone bring a gift for that person they have selected. We played secret Santa and got a person name for whom we are responsible to bring a gift.

On Christmas day, we went in church and did pray, Church was very quiet, peaceful and bit dark, I felt bliss. I lighted a candle for worshiping Jesus, who sacrificed himself for the goodness of humanity, I was feeling very close to him, he was teaching me to be strong and happy, he is the one who stayed in darkness to bring light in others life, We are selfish people who have endless desire that make us evil and take us away from God.

Afterwards we went to market for buying all the goods require for the party. We did prepare starters, drinks and switched On the music and our party began. We are 9 house mates in total. We had lots of fun together and enjoyed eating starter and then had dinner, Rocked the floor at Punjabi, Hindi and English tunes till midnight. It was amazing time. 🙂 And then here came the time to reveal secret Santa and presented gift to each other. We all did exchanged gifts. Gifts were like candles, chocolates, thumb-up cold drink bottle, a toy car with candies, tea Mug and diary.

My Santa said he was sorry for not bringing anything for me, and given promised for bringing gift for me next day, I said ok but my excitement of getting gift from secret Santa first time went out and I felt bit sad but later I went away with cool and nice atmosphere of the party. Next day he came up with a candle, a sweet welcome show piece and my favourite chocolates, Wow I got so many gifts, Yeah my Santa rock.. 😀 


Dream world or hell world

Hi so back to share with you some of my experience in Southall, UK and To introduce you with UK life.

My first experience was of getting rental accommodation… Here I got a chance to introduce myself with sharing house system.. 😀

What I dreamt is a country like we see in movies a kind of dream world where you get everything extraordinary… And reality Is:-

First five days we lived in my uncle’s place. I am glad that my Mom’s grand Auntie’s family is living here so I have my cousin uncles and Aunts here.. 😀 First morning in Southall UK.. woke up and got breakfast of bread and half fry eggs so I left eggs and ate bread and butter then we started search for our dream house.. 🙂 First through internet and then we got to know some vacant places which were served to us by agent. So we went to see them. We came out of the house and got freeze and amazed with blowing of freezing wind, Southall is known as mini India and mini Punjab because it will not let you feel that you are in UK but you feel as you are in India. Bluntly speaking it is not look like a part of England and is badly spoiled. Well here you can see people from all part of world, different rules and regulations which are strictly imposed such as traffic lights (they put light system for crossing the road also :D) and get Everything expensive.  

Now for all the people who think it is easy to get your dream house here.. Mind my words it is NOT. We were shown some places by agents and we were shocked.. A very small room with tiny kitchen and bathroom was of £500 and in that even bathroom and kitchen will be shared with a guy. Some places were more expensive and dirty like dustbin and I was feeling like It is hell world not dream world..:( Note that we were looking for independent studio flat, because I was not ready to share with anyone but after 5 days of search, at the end we decided to take accommodation which was cheapest £500 described as a small room in the first. But agent said no because we were without job.. 😦 We are left with option of sharing house ONLY

SHARING which means you will have to share kitchen and bathroom with other people staying in that particular house, normally here in three bedroom house including garage 10 people stay together.. :O

First lesson Forget about your own country style of independent good house in a good price and learn to live paying lot for very less.. J     

We got a room for £85 a week which was a cheap price as per Southall accommodation prise. I was happy, It was very small room and 4 families included we were living there. It was very difficult to manage in so many people.. You have to wait to use bathroom and kitchen, follow the rules to tidy up house.. Hmm I found it very difficult because I was not able to cope with other people in the house because we all were from different city and culture so our style of living is also different. But I have tried my best.

Till then I have shifted to 3 different places but I have not get a place worth living a good life and they all are far away from my dream home and dream world. Everywhere you will have to face some problems such as conflicts between people, conflicts related to use of kitchen and bathroom, conflicts related to use of electricity, washing machine etc. And conflicts because of useless rules and regulations by house owner. But somehow I have learn to manage so now I do not feel tough and if you take it in positive view it give you a chance to meet and stay with people from different countries and different culture.. 😀 So be happy in either ways is what mean you learn to live.. 🙂

Will be back to make you more familiar to UK LIFE

Cheers.. 😀

Tum jiyo hazaron saal..

Hi Friends…. 🙂

So Today I am here to tell you about a special person in my life and because today is her birthday so it will be a small but nice surprise for her… I hope so.. 🙂

We all are human being and what are the things which make us different from each other.. hmm it is our nature, the way we behave and what kind of person we are is the most important. when we talk about a kind of person, it mean here a person you are in actual, it can be good, bad, worst, very good, great and a true person. A person I am here talking about is rare in this world, it is because our world is now full with selfish and bad people, yes it is true and sad too. She is rare because I rarely see her kind..  🙂

I met her in London.. She is my classmate.. 😀

It was first day of my college.. I was nervous and feeling strange to see people from all over the world and at the time of lunch break, I was sitting alone and then suddenly my eyes went on a girl to whom I met at the time when I came to college for registration, so I went to her and said hello and there she was.. 🙂 She is her friend and she introduced me to her. She is from Delhi India and was very curious after knowing that I am too from India. We chatted and then parted towards our ways.

Now I got a group of people as my friends in new college.. It feel great when you have friends, who do not let you studies and keep chatting all the time.. 😀 In the early days of our friendship, I did not talk much with her but slowly slowly she appeared as a true and best friend to me.. she is not a friend of just for saying sake..

 About her I can only say she is a short temper, a chatterbox with over friendly nature, an innocent like a child, non-selfish, caring, a giver, sweetheart, cheerful nature, a darling and a very true friend… You are lucky if you have her friendship.. because once you are her friend than your problems are her problems and your pains are her pains.. and she will stand right to you when you need her and she never take her hand back if you need her help.. 🙂

In England where everyone is selfish, self-centered and your own friend from country of origin turned as stranger.. it is overwhelmed for me to got her.. A feeling that I have at least a one true friend here give me strength to live and manage here. you support like my elder sister, I feel like we are friends from ages, her love, care and support is true from her soft and sweet heart.. On her birthday I want to wish her A very happy and special Birthday and wish that God fulfil her all desires and give her lots of happiness and love and shower his kind blessing on Her.. 😀

A very Happy Birthday Semal.. Enjoy and have phun.. Love you lot.. 🙂

I wish everyone should have
a friend like you!
You are so much fun to be with
and you have a power to crack me up with laughter!
You are such a good person that touch my heart with your kindness!
You have a wonderful ability To know
when to offer advice
And when to sit in quiet support!
Time after time
You’ve come to my rescue
And brightend so many Of my routine days!
time after time
I’ve realized how fortunate I am that my life  includes you
I really do believe that
Everybody should have a friend like
But so far it looks like
You are one of a kind! 😀

My Journey from India to The UK

Hi friends, It is my first post and I like to tell you all that my hold on English language is ok type, so please bear my English and Hope I can convey what I want to 😀

Today I am going to describe my journey from India to the UK. Let’s start 😀

I got married in February ’2010 in hurry so that we could applied for UK visa on time :), because UKBA ( UK border agency) change visa rules very frequently. It was my husband dream to be here in UK and it took almost a year to got visa . I have applied for student visa and my husband applied for dependent visa. Here I would like to tell you that I was very negative about my visa to be granted, there were two reason, one I was not prepared to left India, secondly many people got refused visa at that very moment. Well so we granted visa and I got very less time to stay with my family and to be with my friends. In a serious note I was not feeling good because the feeling of leaving India, my family and friends was killing me, but sometime in your life you have to take hard decision, I was happy that most of my loved one were happy and supported me, it was the time when I needed them the most :). Further, It was hectic as me and my husband was working, I left my job 10 days before my flight to the UK and my husband only before 2 days. Just imagine how it was to do shopping , to book flight tickets and arranging currency and the most important to be with family.

Our ticket was booked from Amritsar to Delhi and Delhi to the UK. The day when we were leaving for Amritsar, a cake ceremony was organised by our family to wish us best of luck, It was nice actually to have something like cake in your hectic schedule :D. With heavy heart I left Chandigarh and reached Amritsar at 9pm I guess and went to Golden temple at 10:30pm guess again, Golden temple is best to be visited at night-time, I felt like I was in heaven, I was amazed with its beauty. It was the best part of my journey :D. In between same time I was getting calls from my friends, they were wishing me for my good luck and good journey.

Hmm so next day in morning at 6 am we left for Airport to take our flight which was scheduled at 9 am, that day I have seen tears in my father eyes in first time in my life :(, he was upset and crying and somehow my brother-in-law managed the situation and made us all smile :). We reached at Delhi airport at 11 am I guess, O wOw Delhi Airport have changed a lot, Arey It’s new Delhi Airport.. Superb. Felt great to see it 😀 We had pizza there 🙂 and left for our flight at 1:30pm. Kingfisher airlines people asked us few question at the time of boarding and I got nervous and confused told them my marriage year wrong as Year 2009 instead of 2010:D silly me J, nothing happened bad they let us moved in. Our journey is around 10 hours from Delhi and I was crying :’) 7 hours in total I guess L, It was getting tough more and more, feeling of going away from my family and friends was killing me.. I have not eaten anything in whole journey and was feeling sick 😦

Reached UK at 5:45pm as per UK timing( India time 11:15 pm) I think so. OMG I can see people from all over the world, Airport was flooded with people, huge crowd, Airport is nice and huge, felt great.


It was the time of interrogation, and I was very much nervous hmm, long queues were making me more tensed but nothing happened bad again, they asked me some question about my studies and I replied and then they sent us in medical check-up room, there we waited around one hour just to answered concerned person that we have not done any medical check-up lol, she shouted at us and then let us go after taking our permanent address, It was my uncle’s address :D.

Yeah I was relaxed, so it was the time to see my mama ji, he was waiting for us from last two hours as we got free at 8pm . I met him once in India at my place, ya we met many times but I was kid then so I have remembered only one time with accuracy, Nice that I have recognised him :D. We sat in Car and on the way to his home I have given my first look to UK, I was excited and curious, I was nervous to think about new country, new people. A dream in my eyes and I was afraid too, I was unsure about my likeness to new life. It was night so new place was seemed ok and we reached home at 9:30 pm. After completing my journey from India to UK a new journey is On in UK. Will soon let you know about my experience here and Life in UK. Till than take care and have phun.. Love you all  😀 Read the rest of this entry